Uploading Images via the Integrator

The Integration client has the ability to schedule product image uploads to your website from local watch directories. 

Step-by-step guide

To upload product images to your website using the Integrator: 

  1. Save product images to be uploaded to a local folder.
  2. Open the Integrator client and click the 'Settings' icon. 
  3. Click the 'Images' tab.
  4. Set the values for each field; refer to the table below. 
  5. Click the 'Timing' tab and assign the send frequency for 'Product Images'.
  6. Click 'Apply' then 'OK'.
  7. Restart the Integrator instance.

Integration Settings - Product Images

Watch Directory The local folder in which image files wait to be uploaded to the web.
Archive Directory The local folder to which image files are moved after being uploaded to the web.
Watermark Image

The watermark file which will be placed over product images during processing. This should be an image with a transparent background (gif or png).

Valid Extensions The acceptable file types for product images (e.g. *.jpg, *png).
Numeric Delimiter

The delimiter used between the product code and the values 1-5, which designates whether the file is Picture 1, Picture 2, and so on.

The default delimiter is set to underscore (e.g. productcode_1.jpg, productcode_2.jpg), but can be set to another symbol if required.

Discard Delimiter

If the image file name contains characters other than the product code (e.g. dates), the Integrator will ignore all characters after the Discard Delimiter when matching image files to product codes.

(e.g. a Discard Delimiter of "-" would mean the Integrator disregards "1/1/2001" in image file "productcode_3-1/1/2001.jpg")

Default Product Image Number

If an image file name does not include a numeric delimiter, it will be uploaded to all image locations that have been set up with sizing information (picture 1 through 5).

Do not put Failed Images in Failed Directory If this box is ticked, images files which fail to upload will remain in the Watch Directory, rather than being moved to a Failed Directory within the Watch Directory.
Image Height and Width The dimensions (in pixels) to which the images will be resized during upload.
Sub Dir The directory on the web site where images will be stored after upload.
Enforce Aspect Ratio If this box is ticked, the image height or width will be adjusted according to the aspect ratio whenever the value of one is changed.
Send Images in Batches of

This value determines how many image files the Integrator will process at one time. Keeping the number low (e.g. 10 or 20), will reduce processing time.

Please note: All image files will be processed on each send; batching simply prevents time-outs on very large files.

Retain Original File Format If this box is ticked, image files will remain in their original format, rather than being converted to .jpg/.jpeg by the integration process.
PRONTO Inventory Console Images

Image Path - Determines where product images are uploaded for viewing in the Inventory console of PRONTO.

Dimensions - The Height and Width (in pixels) to which the image will be resized for viewing in PRONTO.

NOTE: The Integrator client is capable of resizing and uploading image files to multiple subdirectories if required. To specify further dimensions and directories, simply click the 'Advanced Settings' button against the required product image number.

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