Moving the Commerce Vision Integrator to a New Computer

There may be an occasion where the Commerce Vision Integrator needs to be moved from one PC to another.

The Commerce Vision Integrator is a stand alone application that is used to move information out of Pronto and into the Commerce Vision database.

It stores its settings locally and runs via a service. To move it, just copy the directory to the new location and install the program again, which will install the service using the old settings.

Step-by-step guide

To Move the Integrator to a new PC:

  1. Stop the Integrator for all site Instances, by clicking the 'Stop All' button.
  2. Note which version of the Integrator you are running; this is in the bottom left corner of the Integrator screen.
  3. Once the Integrator is no longer running, it can be moved.
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Commerce Vision or C:\Program Files (x86)\Commerce Vision (this depends on the operating system you are running).
  5. Copy the Commerce Vision directory to the new computer.
  6. Ensure you give Commerce Vision Support updated connection details, so that we can access the Integrator if need be.
  7. Contact Commerce Vision Support to obtain a set-up file for your Integrator version (noted in Step 2).
  8. We will either supply you with a link to download the set-up file or supply the file directly.
  9. Run the set-up file; this will re-install everything correctly.
  10. Transfer is now complete. The Integrator should now run on the new PC.


WARNING: Please ensure you only have the Integrator running in one location; we recommend you uninstall the Integrator on the old PC.

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