Integrating Custom Data Fields Directly to the Customer and Product Tables

The Integrator now allows for any deb-master or stock-master field to be integrated to the Customer and Product tables on the web without the need for the set-up of custom tables.

Detailed Description

A new feature has been added to the Integrator to allow for any field from the deb-master or stock-master tables to be defined and they will directly integrate with the Customer and Product tables, respectively, in the CSS web database. Previously, this would have been achieved by setting up integration to a custom table and then relying on a SQL trigger to copy the data to the final destination table.

The relationship definitions are maintained on the 'Custom Fields' tab of the Integrator Settings page. 

For each field, a mapping can be done to any field on the Customer or Product tables online.


NOTE: The field must exist on the web before setting up the relationship. Then, simply stop and restart the Integrator once the new field has been created on the web.
If you are unsure how to set up a web database field, contact our Support Team.

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