Automatic Warehouse Allocation and Splitting

Customer Self Service Upload program has the ability to split orders based on stock availability and also default to a warehouse based on postcode.

NOTE: You will need a version of proledb.spl that has been loaded after 25 Mar 2014 to get this feature. Please email Commerce Vision Support to obtain this version if you do not have it. 


Auto Warehouse Allocation - Step-by-step guide

The auto allocation rules will assign a warehouse to an order based on the postcode of the customer. This is useful when multiple warehouses can supply the customer and will reduce freight costs.  

To set up the auto allocation rules: 

  1. Login to PRONTO.
  2. Navigate to the Web Admin program.
  3. Select Warehouse Postcode Rules
    1. Enter the whse code
    2. Enter the start postcode
    3. Enter the end postcode

Note that a single warehouse can have multiple postcode ranges set up against it.


Business Logic

If the delivery address on the order has a postcode in one of the selected ranges, the warehouse will be set to the nominated warehouse.


Auto Warehouse Splitting - Step-by-step guide

The auto splitting functionality will examine any backorder lines and check alternative warehouse is the designated order for potential supply. If any of the lines can be supplied from another warehouse, the order will be split or changed to that warehouse. Each warehouse can have its own order to look at alternatives. For example, the Perth warehouse may look to Melbourne and then Sydney and stop after this, whereas the Brisbane warehouse might look to Townsville and then Sydney for secondary supply. 

To set up the auto allocation rules:

  • Login to PRONTO.
  • Navigate to the Web Admin program.
  • Select Alt Whse Rules
    1. Enter the original warehouse code
    2. Enter the sequence to look in (e.g. 1)
    3. Enter the alternative warehouse code
  • Go to SYS.M359 (Override program table)
    1. Use Maintain mode
    2. Enter a new value for "CSSSPLIT" as the code and set the Description to "R"

WARNING: Automatic Warehouse Splitting will not work on Kits.



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