Configuring Metadata via PRONTO Web Maintenance

Product Metadata can be configured in PRONTO Web Maintenance for use on the website. There are four main steps: 

  1. Specify the Metadata Table (indicates where metadata will be stored in the database)
  2. Create Metadata Codes (feature types, e.g. Colour, Size, Material)
  3. Create Metadata Values (features assigned at product level, e.g. Green, 1800mmL, Aluminium)
  4. Assign Metadata to Products

Step-by-step guides

To Specify the Metadata Table:

  1. Login to PRONTO.
  2. Navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' --> 'Control Settings'.
  3. Update the 'Meta Table' field with the Metadata Table code (generally 'XM').
  4. Click 'OK' to save.

To Create Metadata Codes:

  1. Login to PRONTO.
  2. Navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' --> 'Metadata'.
  3. Click 'Entry'.
  4. Enter a 2-character value in the 'Code' field (identifier in the XM Table).
  5. Enter a description in the 'Prompt' field (this is what users will see).
  6. Enter an image reference in the 'Image' field if required, otherwise Enter/Tab to next field.
  7. Enter a value in the 'Filterable' field:
    • Y - Users can filter on this metadata type
    • N - Users can not filter on this metadata type
  8. Enter a value in the 'Display' field:
    • Y - Display this metadata type on the web
    • N - Integrate, but do not display this metadata type on the web
  9. Assign a sequence value in the 'Sort' field (this determines the order in which the Metadata types will appear on the website).
  10. Enter a 'V' in the 'Validation' field (metadata 'values') and hit Enter/Tab.
  11. Hit 'Esc' to leave Code entry mode.

To Create Metadata Values:

  1. Login to PRONTO.
  2. Navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' --> 'Metadata'.
  3. Highlight the required metadata code to which values will be added.
  4. Click 'Values'.
  5. Click 'Entry'.
  6. Enter a value description.
  7. Use Enter/Tab to proceed to the next entry line.
  8. Enter the next value.
  9. Repeat Steps 6 - 8 as required.
  10. Hit 'Esc' to leave Values entry mode.

NOTE: Metadata Values cannot be corrected. If, during creation of a new Metadata Value, a typo occurs, it is best to remove the incorrect item and re-enter it.

To Assign Metadata to Products by Stockcode:  

  1. Login to PRONTO.
  2. Navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' --> 'Stockcode Review'.
  3. Search for the required product.
  4. With the product highlighted, click 'Meta'.
  5. Click 'Entry'.
  6. Enter the Metadata Code, or click the magnifying glass / hit 'F2' to search. 
  7. A new window will appear with the available values; highlight the required value and click 'Select'.
  8. Repeat Steps 6 & 7 as required.


To Maintain Metadata via Import:

  1. Populate a spreadsheet with metadata in the format: Stockcode, Meta Code or Prompt, Meta Value (no header row).
  2. Highlight and Copy all data on the spreadsheet.
  3. Login to PRONTO.
  4. Navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' --> 'Metadata' --> 'Paste META DATA from Excel'.
  5. Click 'Entry'.
  6. Paste the copied data into Pronto by click the 'Paste' clipboard icon on the top menu, or by right-clicking and selecting 'Paste'.
  7. Verify that data has pasted correctly.
  8. Hit 'Esc' to leave data entry mode.
  9. Click 'GO' to process the import.
  10. Confirm by clicking 'Yes' / using 'Y' key.
  11. Specify whether to clear ALL existing data first (default is NO).
  12. Specify whether to overwrite or append existing metadata:
    • R - replace/overwrite (any existing metadata for pasted codes will be cleared and replaced with data in the import).
    • - append (any existing metadata for pasted codes will remain intact and data in the import will be added).
  13. Click 'OK' to proceed.
  14. A confirmation message will be displayed once data has been processed.


To import very large amounts of Metadata, it may be more efficient to save the spreadsheet as a .csv file, rather than performing a Copy & Paste:

  1. Save the spreadsheet as 'meta.csv' in PRONTO's /tmp folder.
  2. Navigate to 'Web Site Category / Product Maintenance' --> 'Metadata' --> 'Import Data'.
  3. Click 'Load'. Data from the .csv file will be pasted.
  4. Verify the data has pasted correctly.
  5. Click 'GO' to process the import.

To Integrate Metadata to the web, send 'Custom Tables':




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