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The Commerce Vision solution is compatible with all versions of PRONTO. Our latest version is compatible with PRONTO 700 and our previous versions are compatible with the series 600 and lower. Our standard procedure for completing a migration from a current version to a higher version is to ensure to that the current version of the Commerce Vision solution is compatible with the PRONTO version you are migrating to.

This process consists of a number of steps and includes Regression and User Acceptance Testing of the Commerce Vision solution and PRONTO to ensure that the out of the box functionality and any custom functionality Commerce Vision has developed for you works with the upgraded software you are migrating to.

All testing is undertaken in a stage environment with as much mirroring of the current live sites as possible. The purpose of this is to create a base-line environment between your current site/s and PRONTO. This allows all parties to test the environments and identify any issues with programs, functionality and data prior to going live with the new versions of the software. 


There is a cost for the project management/consultancy service provided by Commerce Vision. The standard cost is $1,000, but may be charged on a T&M basis for more complex installations. No work will be undertaken until a purchase order has been received by Commerce Vision from the customer. 

Project Management: 

Below, Commerce Vision has provided a step by step guide overview of what needs to be completed to ensure a smooth transition from one version to the next. This plan is to be used in conjunction with your overall business project management plan. Commerce Vision will also work with you on the tasks that need to be completed. 


Step-by-step guide 

  1. Advise your software vendors of your intention to upgrade
    • Contact Commerce Vision and PRONTO and discuss your intention to upgrade your software. Commerce Vision will be able to advise immediately if you require a CSS upgrade
  2. Develop your project plan, schedule and timeline
    • As per your internal business process, document how you intend to manage the software upgrade. Include human resources, timeframes and dependencies.
    • Undertake a review of your systems to ensure that you know what other applications are part of your e-Commerce solution. i.e. freight management 
  3. Communicate your project plan with your software suppliers
    • Circulate your project plan with your software suppliers - Commerce Vision will also require a single point of contact to liaise with during the project life cycle
    • This will be the official starting point of your project. CommerceVision will create a support call and request that you raise a purchase order for the Commerce Vision services
  4. Hardware Architecture
    • If you are planning to install new hardware for PRONTO, Commerce Vision will need to be provided the new connection details and I.P. addresses
    • Ensure that Commerce Vision can access the new hardware. Has PRONTO set up commvisi with the correct permissions to access the custom dictionary?
    • The Commerce Vision integrator will also be upgraded during this project. The minimum hardware requirements can be viewed at: Remote Access Requirements and Integrator Minimum Specifications
  5. Commence upgrade process
    • Commerce Vision will upgrade your stage site to the required version
    • Commerce Vision will configure your stage environment with your stage PRONTO and re-sync the data and settings to confirm that the end to end integration is working
  6. Begin Testing
    • Begin your regression testing and user acceptance testing
    • Report issues and bugs to your software vendors
    • Repeat testing process
  7. Sign off testing regression and user acceptance testing
    • When all of the issues have been resolved and you have completed your testing, you can advise Commerce Vision that you are ready to upgrade your Live environment to the same version
  8. Migration/Go Live with new version of PRONTO
    • As per your project plan, PRONTO can migrate you to the new version
    • Commerce Vision make any setting changes to the application and integrator as required
    • Monitor the software and advise your vendors if there are any issues to be resolved
  9. Carry out any decommissioning work of old software
    • If required, undertake any decommissioning work and complete any paper work
  10. Business as usual
    • Continue to use your E-Commerce solution and train your staff in the use of the software 
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