Remote Access Requirements and Integrator Minimum Specifications

What Commerce Vision requires in order to get Integration installed:

Remote Access:

  • Direct Remote access to Integrator Server / PC.
  • VPN (Windows, Cisco, Other)
  • Log Me In


Integrator Requirements:

  • PC or Server (Virtual Machine or a Physical Machine)
  • This cannot be using Terminal Services
  • It may be OK to be used for other stand alone purposes but the server will need to be set to Brisbane Time Zone for data-synchronization - which means it might not be suitable for other programs like Exchange Servers etc. Discuss with your consultant if in doubt.
  • The software needs to be installed on a Solid State Drive (SSD Drive), minimum 256GB for local data cache
    • Images can be stored on an alternate drive with more disk space (i.e. Standard HDD or Network Drive or NAS)


Software & Account Access:

  • Windows 7 or above, Windows Server 2008 or above
    • The integrator requires .NET4.5 to be installed
    • Windows Server platforms (2008, 2012) require Framework 3.5 and 4/4.5 to be enabled in the ASP.NET Feature
  • A named user (ie. commvisi) with local administrator access. (Required to install the integrator software and access to the Computer Services console)
  • Internet Access for the account (This can be via a proxy)
  • Access to Pronto via proclient
  • The Integrator server requires access to the follow services:
    • Port 80 (HTTP) access to the internet
    • Connection to Pronto server over our recommend Ports of 9877 and 9878

NOTE: If you wish to lock your firewall down to Commerce Vision's outgoing IP, these details are available on request.


Memory (RAM):

1-4 sites Recommended    8 G/B RAM
4-8 sites Recommended 16 G/B
8 + Sites Recommended 16 G/B
Optimal 32 G/B


Pronto Access:

  • User ID: commvisi / Password: please let us know
  • Access to LIVE and TEST Databases
  • PRONTO Level 8 access
  • Access to debtors, stock and sales order enquires (or full access if you are OK with this)
  • System Maintenance if you are OK with this (allows us to add menu items)
  • Shell access
  • Recommended FTP access to for driver and program updates.
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