Calling a Single Function of the PRONTO Maintenance Program

The PRONTO product maintenance program can be called with parameters so the single functions of the program can be called. This is handy if you want to set up a menu item in PRONTO to just allow users to access certain elements of the program.


  • You will need a version of c4cssmt that has been loaded after 25 Apr 2014 to get this feature. Please email Commerce Vision Support to obtain this version if you do not have it.
  • This article assumes knowledge of how to set up menu items in PRONTO. Please refer to your PRONTO documentation for more information.

Step-by-step guide 

  1. Set up the required function:
    • The first parameter will be '-direct'
    • The second parameter will be the name of the menu item with dashes to seperate the words.
  2. Configure the required security.
  3. Add to the PRONTO menu as required. 

For example, if you wanted to set up a function to only look at the Category Review function, the following would allow for this (click image to maximise in new window):

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