PRONTO Integration - Product Notes

On Integration of 'Product Notes', the following PRONTO tables will be integrated, triggered by change events for each table:


Table Name
Change Events



Note Types. Located in CSS: 'Settings', 'Integration' tab, 'Notes' tab.




The 'Product Notes' date stamp comes from the stock master record. The value of stk-date-last-change or stk-creation-date is to be greater than or equal to the last sent date of 'Product Notes'.


Product Notes data is sent for:

  1. GeneralNotes
    • If 'Remove Note Lines Space' setting is ticked, it will apply to all note types. Integration will concatenate the 30-character field blocks and remove spacing between them. This is desirable for Notes entered via 'WP' mode, but not 'Entry' mode.
  2. AlternateCategoriesNoteType
    • Alternate Categories Notes 'Send Changed' behaves the same as 'Send All' for integration.
  3. ColloquialNames (Located in CSS 'Settings', 'General'). 
    • If the field is blank, the function is turned off & Colloquial Names are not sent.  
    • Only the first 20 characters of the note are integrated. 
    • During 'Send All', any fields not updated with a new value are cleared/re-set to blank. 

WARNINGIf the flag 'Integrate Only Valid Products' is set to 'Yes', it will be adhered to during a 'Send All'. A 'Send Changed' will override the flag and integrate any changed products, whether valid or not. This is important for Custom Catalogues, which may contain products deemed 'invalid'.


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