PRONTO Integration - Customer Master

On Integration of 'Customer Master', the following PRONTO tables will be integrated, triggered by change events for each table:


Table Name
Change Events



Debtor Inclusions. Located in CSS: 'Settings', 'Integrations' tab, 'Customers' tab, field name 'Debtor Inclusions'.



NA-type. This is hard set to be between 00 and 99.



Integrating All vs Changed: The 'Customer Master' date stamp comes from the debtor's record. The value of dr-date-last-changed or dr-date-created is to be greater than or equal to the last sent date of 'Customer Master'.



Common query example: 

Q. I added a new Delivery Address to a customer record in PRONTO, but a 'Send Changed' on the Integrator has not sent the new address to the web. Why not?

A. Integrating 'Changed' will only update the Customer record if the Customer master (Debtor Record) has been changed and therefore date stamped. Changing/adding a Delivery Address will not date stamp the master debtor record. Edit the master debtor record to create a new date stamp & then integrate 'Changed' again. (A Send All can also be done but this can take time to complete.)

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