Removing Products From the Web that are Not in PRONTO

Normally, products are marked for the web via the assignment of a sort code in PRONTO:

  • The sort code is added, the Integrator runs, and the product is added to the appropriate web category.
  • If the sort code is removed, the product will be removed from the web on next integration. 

However, if a product is deleted from PRONTO, the product will not be removed from the web on next 'Send Changed' integration.  

This is due the integration task being filtered by the time stamp on the product record.  If the product no longer exists, there is no time stamp to indicate a change to the record, and therefore the product will remain online. 


This can be rectified by a triggering a 'Send All' on the 'Product Master + Pricing' task. 

Step-by-step guide

To Integrate All Products (thereby removing deletions): 

  1. Open the Integrator client.
  2. Select the relevant site from the 'Sites' drop-down list. 
  3. Click 'Send All' for 'Product Master + Pricing'.
  4. Once the task has finished, login to the website as a user to confirm product removal. 

'Send All' may also need to be run against 'Product Notes' if the product was in more than one web category.

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