Product Compare Functionality


Product Compare functionality, available in BPD from version 3.75, gives your customers the ability to compare the features of every product on your website. 

The user selects up to 3 products to be compared, and the features are presented side-by-side in a pop-up window. The user can add the products to their cart here (assuming the product is available for purchase), or they can close the window and browse for further products to compare.

The comparison data is drawn from metadata (stored online or in the ERP), as well as any product features maintained in the CMS. 

Selection of products:

The comparison window:


Step-by-step guide

To Enable Product Compare: 

  1. Login to the CMS.
  2. Navigate to 'Layouts' --> 'Templates'.
  3. Select 'Theme Layout'.
  4. Scroll to 'Zone Content After' and click 'Add Widget'.
  5. Select 'Product Compare' and click 'Add'.
  6. Click 'Edit' on the widget to configure options. This is where you determine the fields to be displayed in the comparison window*. 
  7. Click 'Save' to exit and save changes.
  8. Navigate to 'Layouts' --> 'Templates'.
  9. Select 'Product List Item Zoned'.
  10. Scroll to 'Zone Footer' and click 'Add Widget'.
  11. Select 'Product List Compare' and click 'Add'.
  12. Refresh the Template cache by navigating to 'Settings' --> 'Dictionary'.
  13. Tick the 'Templates' option and click 'Refresh Cache'

 The Product Compare feature is now enabled on the website.


TIP: If both the dictionary and browser have been refreshed and the feature is still not displaying, check that the site is using Zoned Product Layout (most sites are configured this way by default).

1. Navigate to 'Layouts' -> 'Templates' and click 'Product List'. Click 'Edit' on the 'Product List Grid' widget and ensure 'Use Zoned Product Layout' & 'Use Zoned Category Layout' are ticked. If not, tick and click 'Save'.

2. Check Campaign products if applicable: Navigate to 'Layouts' -> 'Templates' and click 'Home Page'. Click 'Edit' on the 'Campaign Slider' widget and ensure 'Use Zoned Product Layout' is ticked. If not, tick and click 'Save'.


*Please note - custom product fields can also be added to the Product Compare grid if required. To do this, navigate to 'JSON Field Groups' (usually under 'Content' menu). Select the 'GetProductComparisonInformation-append' field group and click 'Fields'.

Click 'New' to add the field by selecting it from the drop-down list of available Json fields. Custom fields will usually be prefixed with 'CUS_'. Assign a sequence and click 'OK' to save.  


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